Monday, December 19, 2011


So, I had a chance to eat with my cousin sister few days ago. We were chatting about our lives that we are going through after SPM.

I only knew her since 15 years old. We were far away relatives. We were brought together one day during CNY "N" years ago. Ever since that day, we became besties. :)

We strive together for SPM. I remember the days where I study at her cozy big mansion in KL. Ahhh.... Superb nice!

I only get to meet her once a year which is only on CNY. But, I didn't get a chance to see her early this year, cuz I weren't back in Pantai that CNY.

Her boyfie, yeah! Finally, she got herself a boyfie! haha.... Back to topic, her boyfie, a penangite, she came to visit him and I insisted of seeing her afer knowing from my grandma that she's here in penang that few days.

She, of course followed her dream to study medicine. Currently in 4th year. After a year and a half of not seeing her, she'd grown so much, and am so proud of listening to her stories. Listening to her life in medicine line touched my heart once again. Ahhh.... How much I wish I could be just in her shoe!!

One thing I love the most about talking with her is, she's superb positive. She said, "Actually, medicine is not as difficult as you think, all you need to do is copy and paste". unlike engineering, you need to study and apply. ><

True tho! She said medicine is all about spending time with books! haahhaa...

Yeah, I miss chatting with her. Though its only a 2 hours chat at pelita, but the chat that i had between her and me, touched my heart again about my future. yeap.

"Be yourself. The world would be boring if everyone's the same." This is what I heard this morning once I start my car engine! Ahh... I love this sentence. I'm finding myself back. I am a loud and crazy girl where everyone knows that my personality is like this.

It could be a very tough week if we see it negatively, but it could be the most memorable week that one could have if one can just see it outside the box.

Last week of the semester. How fast is it to pass it just like that. Throughout the 3 months that I had, The proudest thing I've ever done to myself is, Accept christ into my life. The moment that changes my life forever.

Lord, I want the opportunity to help everyday. That's it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My long lost brother

He was born a month later than me.
He share the same age as me.
He has small eyes while me, I don't la.
He lost his sister a year ago. She is my half sister. :'(

I've never tell the world about this before. But, i'm gonna tell the world today that I've found my long lost brother 2 years ago.

To cut this long story, I'm glad that he's still out there.

There he is.

His small eyes always make me smile.

I still remember the day where He was waiting for the news about his sister. I called him so many times, but he didn't answer his phone and at the end of the day, he called me and told me the bad news. Yeap. I sounded much "sadder" than him that day through the phone call.

I'm glad that he's still out there.

May god bless him in everything in his life. :')

Friday, November 11, 2011

Life is Fragile

Whole kemaman mourns for the lost of a great kid who is only 18 years old.
He met a car accident last Saturday and went into coma for a couple of days.
Each and everyone who visited him shouted at his name to ask him to wake up.
But, no response was given.
He gave up his life on Monday morning.
Those who received the news rushed themselves to Kuantan hospital.
His best friends wouldn't believe they had lost their friend until they saw him with their own eyes.
It was a really shocking news for everyone here in Kemaman. Even me myself would never believe a car accident in Kemaman can actually take someone's life.
I never know him.
But, through blogs, pictures and statuses that I read for the past few days, made me know him instantly.
He was a great kid. He could have a great future ahead.
He can somehow relate to me. His father was the one who sent me things every weekend to Kuantan when I was studying in Kuantan. But, throughout that 2 years, I never met his father.
His aunt, who was my teacher for 5 years straight. His aunt was the one who made me love Biology. His aunt was the one who drives my passion to study medicine.
Hearing someone who lost their family member can be devastating and sad on behalf. But, knowing someone who actually grew up with you and lost his/her life can really be a heart breaking one.
I pray that his family can stay strong to go through this hardship.

Family is always the first in my heart.

Friends around me are always the one that I trusted the most and the one whom I appreciate their presence in my life. The one who added colour in my life book.

Mate? I'm still searching. But, not at this very moment for me.

Lord, who made my life even much interesting since the start of the semester. I thank God for everything. I think Him for making me go through the hardship in my life. I think Him for always being in my heart, picking me up when I'm down, guiding me when I'm in darkness.

James 1:4
Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, I was talking to a friend. She mentioned about 3 most important things in our life.

1st : To know God
2nd : To know our mission in our life
3rd : To find mate.

What my friend said is true where she kinda opens my mind being a university student. I felt so blessed that God send this friend to my life. Thank you Lord.

It changes my thoughts a little about relationships. Yeah. Having a boyfie/girl is not everything in our life. One can actually missed out alot I meant ALOT of interesting stuff as in meeting interesting people, Hearing great stories, Get inspired to do crazy stuff, and most of all mixing with all types of people!

I just love the conversation earlier. It really answered everything that I was miserable about! Omgness! Thank you! :D

So, I broke up with one of the greenest guy in Malaysia. I was really sad over it. Cuz I really put alot of "effort" in it. But, life moves on. I was stuck in it the past few days until I talked to this friend that I met!

So, the guy I broke up with taught me alot of things. Architecture, green stuff and lots more. I really learn from what I experience. Last tear I'd shed is, now. That's it.

Being a university student, is the time for us to explore what is in this society before we get to a job and tie a knot with our other half.

Imagine this, when you're married, you're gonna face your other half for the rest of your life. Plus, you'll be spending most of your time after work with your other half. Which literally, you don't have a time of your own to hang out with your own friends. :)

So yeah. I'd choose to know God more and know what is my mission in my life starting today. Yes, I'm gonna get over it and be a new one.

Who says one cannot live after break up? No one!!

Hallelujah! I felt blessed!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It rained heavily here in kemaman last night. Today is a really fine day to get out of the house. Luckily it wasn't as hot as few days ago. Chin yang, Jo En and Andrew came all the way from Kuantan to Kemaman to pay a visit.

I haven't been seeing Chin Yang for almost a year! It was last year where I found him from Facebook after losing in touch with him after standard 4! omgness!! It's been like almost 10 years since the last time I saw him. We kept in touch because of Facebook! Thank you Mark!! And after keeping in touch for few months we met up and he told me that he's going to Germany for engineering course. sighh.. Everyone leaves Malaysia for further studies.

Jo en, she was my 2 months form 6 mate from kuantan. We used to walk to and back from school everyday until the day she decided to take up medicine course in Russia. I was so sad that I've only knew her for 2 months and she wants to leave kuantan already. sighh... So, I've only meet her once a year. She's a lovely girl.

As for Andrew, he is Chin Yang's bestie who study Electronic engineering in Manchester. He's a bully like chin yang!! -.-

Hearing stories from all over the world through them itches my heart where I can only afford to stay in Malaysia for a degree. I'd love to travel the world and broaden my knowledge. Which one day I believe, I will have the chance to go Europe, middle east, africa and everywhere! :D

So, chin yang got me gummy bears from Germany which apparently only produce in Germany, but you still can get it in UK. Superb chew-able gummy! I love it!! :D

As for this 4 months, I didn't waste it at all. I've gained confidence in teaching piano and ballet. I used to fear ballet and piano classes as children always bully me cuz I'm new. Mummy even let me handle a grade 5 ballet class as well as grade 2 piano class.

It is tougher to teach beginner than teaching a higher grade student. Cuz you need alot of introduction and you need to explain to them what is this and that. It is fun to teach beginners, cuz everything is so new to them. :)

Recently, I'm glued to disney channel and nickelodean, cuz I sticked with children like everyday! I've gotto watch cartoons in order to talk with them! haha... They love Ben 10 which my 6 year old kid can actually explain the cartoon role one by one to me!!!

And and and I love buying stickers and key chains to give them. They love stickers! IDK why!! haha... giving stickers to them encourages them to do well in their piano as well as work. :D

This 4 months, I Ber-bonding "gao gao" with both of my parents which I couldn't do it since I was 18. Thank you for the 4 months break. Though I didn't travel anywhere, but staying at home makes me more comfortable. Got to ber-bond with few of my friends here in kemaman as well as kuantan. But not all, cuz most of my frens r nt in malaysia. sighhh...

For piano, ahh.. of course! I practice everyday except friday! haha... Cello, dad says I improve which idk true or not. and I learn to play guitar (few chords only).

Oh yea, I had a great birthday with my family and friends. Dad plays his saxophone which he bought 2 months ago. He's so into saxophone today! I've got the video, but i don't think i'm gonna post it up! haha.. I'm keeping it in my computer! I got a secret recipe cake from mummy. Actually, I've got 2 cakes, one from my friend and one from mummy.

As for 21st birthday present, I got a new levi spec from daddy and mum says she wants to get me a key necklace, but I don't want it. :) Don't you think is old to wear a gold necklace?

Ahh... what a long post! I'm gonna stop here or else i'm gonna continue again!! -.-

My 3 years old boyfie. :D

Angie with the butt, liyu and teng teng on the 12th of Aug. :) *billy went back early

My favourite ballet student. :)

I got this pretty dress from Dorothy Perkins last June in Gardens! Superbly love this dress. *with Grandma*

My cake

Humble family without brother who's in Japan.

PS : Congratulations to bro who just done his master's exam and interview in Japan.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've been eye-ing on NOOKA watch since I was 18, I just couldn't afford to buy such expensive watch. NOOKA wasn't in Malaysia until May 2010. I saw the first ever NOOKA retail store in Mid Valley. I practically ran towards the store like a mad lady. -.-

I've always wanted the sponge-bob NOOKA watch! arghh... guess how much is it? RM500. *BIGGGG SIGHHHH*

The design is from US. I like NOOKA watches as their designs are unique! Swatch pun tak secantik dia! :P

Link dia(scroll down to see all those watches) :

Mooks got their own line of watches too! omgness!! GOT SPONGE-BOB wey! crazy!!! wait wait... NOOKA got Patrick too! hahaha.... Mooks' sponge-bob is also rm500. :(

So when I'm getting it? *sighh... not until I work and earn money myself. :)

FYI, I collect watches. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So, I was so sick last week till yesterday. Yeap, I've been sick for a week and three days! omgness... I look after dad's kindergarten and mum's piano as well as ballet classes. I didn't get much rest as those classes were quite intense. Everything gets better when parents got back from Hokkaido last two days. Mum took care of me, wake me up every hour to let me drink some warm milo. How great is that to be a mother, eh? She's the greatest of all. :)

Again, Japan smell is all over my house now. Full of Japan stuff again. :D. Me love the snacks, chocolates and each and every stuff bought from Japan. Another new line of collection! Wee~

Mum got me a Burberry bag!! My very first Burberry bag! heeee.... *I still love my coach! I wanted a small wallet from coach at first, but a small wallet or wristlet from coach cost as much as a bag from Burberry, so mum decided to get me the Burberry bag instead of the wallet. So yeah, I've gotto stick to my current wallet untill it spoils. :)

I've yet to stepped into a cinema since transformer is out! omgness!! Yet got the time to get my butt into a cinema! :s

Lavender! Ahhh.....

It's blue label, only in Japan. :)

sis at the back busy opening the music box.

Next up, I've gotto get myself healthy enough to go for jogging everyday! I'm gaining weight each day at home! :)