Monday, December 19, 2011


So, I had a chance to eat with my cousin sister few days ago. We were chatting about our lives that we are going through after SPM.

I only knew her since 15 years old. We were far away relatives. We were brought together one day during CNY "N" years ago. Ever since that day, we became besties. :)

We strive together for SPM. I remember the days where I study at her cozy big mansion in KL. Ahhh.... Superb nice!

I only get to meet her once a year which is only on CNY. But, I didn't get a chance to see her early this year, cuz I weren't back in Pantai that CNY.

Her boyfie, yeah! Finally, she got herself a boyfie! haha.... Back to topic, her boyfie, a penangite, she came to visit him and I insisted of seeing her afer knowing from my grandma that she's here in penang that few days.

She, of course followed her dream to study medicine. Currently in 4th year. After a year and a half of not seeing her, she'd grown so much, and am so proud of listening to her stories. Listening to her life in medicine line touched my heart once again. Ahhh.... How much I wish I could be just in her shoe!!

One thing I love the most about talking with her is, she's superb positive. She said, "Actually, medicine is not as difficult as you think, all you need to do is copy and paste". unlike engineering, you need to study and apply. ><

True tho! She said medicine is all about spending time with books! haahhaa...

Yeah, I miss chatting with her. Though its only a 2 hours chat at pelita, but the chat that i had between her and me, touched my heart again about my future. yeap.

"Be yourself. The world would be boring if everyone's the same." This is what I heard this morning once I start my car engine! Ahh... I love this sentence. I'm finding myself back. I am a loud and crazy girl where everyone knows that my personality is like this.

It could be a very tough week if we see it negatively, but it could be the most memorable week that one could have if one can just see it outside the box.

Last week of the semester. How fast is it to pass it just like that. Throughout the 3 months that I had, The proudest thing I've ever done to myself is, Accept christ into my life. The moment that changes my life forever.

Lord, I want the opportunity to help everyday. That's it.

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